Monday, 24 December 2012

Children's books

Get your kids to read Wonder and then read it yourself.  A great teaching book, well written, entertaining, and easy to read.  (Too bad Palacio has to use the Lord's name in vain.)  Best children's book in 2012 (in my personal opinion).

The False Prince is well written.  First book in the series but good as a stand alone book too.  She makes me want to read another one of her books.

The Royal diaries is a very well done series.  Well research too.  Makes me want to read more about the time period or the person.  I  own the Anastasia book. (I got it for 10 cents!)

Dear Canada is another series by Scholastic; although it is good, it is not researched as well as it should have been (A lot of the books in the series is like this).  The editors should have caught this.

Turtle in Paradise is a very easy read.  Not much substance but still a good book.

Enjoyed the Guests of War series; especially book 2.  The series follows a brother and sister as they travel to Canada, as war guests, to escape WWI in England.

Anne of Green Gables
L.M. Montgomery put Canada on the map!  You have to read these!  Its a must.  Really.  Many good teaching points.

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