Thursday, 27 December 2012

4 Dating and Marriage Book Reviews

Best overall dating/marriage book I have ever read.  Highly recommend Fit to be Tied.  If I was in a serious relationship I would pick this one up again and maybe even buy it.  

I read I kissed dating goodbye when it first came out and some of the stories I have read have stuck with me over the years; however, this book made no difference on whether I dated or not.  
A pastor told me a few years ago that this book made a real mess for youth and youth pastors because suddenly youth were treating normal dating relationship like they were marriage courtships.

Boy meets girl was a much better book by Joshua Harris.  Even guys that hating I kissed dating goodbye bought this book and read it.  It points out the importance of saving yourself for your wedding night with a personal story and it gives some good lists on how to be a good guy/girl friend (just a friend).  I remember thinking this was a good book when I read it about 11 years ago (when I was first starting College and Career), but I have to admit I would not pick it up again to review.  Also, this book helped two of friends, then graduates of high school, take their relationship much too seriously and it ended in disaster.

Love and Respect is a book I normally would have never touched.  Simply because the idea of respecting a man was laughable.  This book changed my idea of that.  I now would like to respect my future husband (even though it will kill me for sure!).  
Love and Respect is one-third as long as it needs to be, as Dr. Emerson Eggerichs repeats, and then repeats and keeps repeating everything like the reader it soft in the head.  Also, he seems to take a very light view of men that look at porn and lastly, he has a definite down look on women that appears numerous times in the book.  

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