Saturday, 29 September 2012

My DIY Paper Ribbon Flower

Take paper ribbon (above) or rolled crepe paper and cut out petals.  They can be different sizes and look different too (after all real petals do).  If you use paper ribbon: cut off a piece, unroll it and then fold it in half to cut.
I used dollar store glitter and glossy accents (see this post if your glossy accents is clogged).  Simply draw a line with your glossy accents (or any type of liquid glue!) and pour on glitter. 

I used the glue gun to stick the petals down (but any type of glue would work).  For the first 8 petals I glued them flat (as seen below).
For the rest of the petals scrunch them first and then glue them down (making sure they stayed scrunched). 

Finished product (to be used for gift wrap):

I also made smaller ones with 8 petals only (seen above and below).  For the pink and blue one I used rolled crepe paper and glitter glue.
the little mennonite

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