Saturday, 22 September 2012

25 Mostly Clean Movies for adults and kids (is there any such thing as a CLEAN movie?)

  1. All Pixar movies - especially Finding Nemo and Cars 2.
  2. Yogi Bear's First Christmas - pretty much the only Christmas movie you'll need.
  3. Amazing Grace
  4. The Parent Trap (original)
  5. Herbie in Monte Carlo 
  6. Ben Hur
  7. Lord of the Rings
  8. Left Behind Series
  9. Narnia Series
  10. Gnomeo and Juliet
  11. Father of Bride I and II
  12. Freaky Friday (original) 
  13. Alvin and the Chipmunks the movie
  14. Gone with the Wind
  15. Happy Feet
  16. While you were sleeping 
  17. The Princess Diaries I and II
  18. Cheaper by the Dozen
  19. The Efficiency Expert - wonderful acting!
  20. My Favorite Wife
  21. Sabrina (original) 
  22. Support your local sheriff - not as clean but worth watching
  23. The Italian Job (2003 version) - not as clean but worth watching
  24. Yours, Mine and Ours (original) - based on a true story a must watch!
  25. Lady and the Tramp
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